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Luigi Lineri

Rewiew List

Here are some of the most representative reviews about Lineri:

Luigi Lineri between adventure

and finding out, identification and discovery” by Alessandro Mozzambani

Stone civilization oh the shingle of the river Adige in Zevio?

introduction by Renzo Piglialepre

Young veronese sculpture

A memorial stone

a work of art by Lineri in San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona)

He guesses in every stone ancient civilizations

by Michelangelo Beifiori and Roberto Bertoldi

A comment by Teresa Maranzano

researcher at the Art Brut Museum of Losanna

An interview by Elisabetta Pescucci

River stones and their past

Luigi Lineri’s collection” L’Arte Naive – Age Graphic publishing – Reggio Emilia June 1998

The schoolkids

Unexpectedly ancestors

in “The scratch” topical and culture monthly magazine of the Scaliger territory

Luigi Lineri, sculptor and entomologist

by Alessandro Mozzambano in ArenaSette

A journey in the river-bed looking for memories

by Giuseppe Faccincani

Luigi Lineri - a beautiful journey among the stones of the river Adige between history and myth - www.luigilineri.it - 2006