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Luigi Lineri

The life

Born in 1937 in Albaro, a very small village near Verona, third of eleven brothers, Luigi Lineri has been devoting himself to art for more than fifty years. At first he applied himself mostly to dialectal poetry, painting, ceramic. As a Veronese dialectal poet he is well known not only in Verona but in many Venetian cities as well.

In 1963 he was awarded the first prize “B.Roghi” for poetry in Verona, in 1964 the second prize “L.Rizzi” in Rovigo and he was signalized in Venezia at the poetry competition “G.Marta”.

In 1965 he was awarded the third prize by the Literary Society for Dialectal Poetry in Trieste and the first prize “Ghedini” in Verona.

In 1967 he was awarded the first prize   “Boscochiesanuova” and the second prize  “Bardolino”.

In 1970 , having realized the presence of the repetition of some forms in the stones of the river Adige, he started his stone collection which he considers his most beautiful piece of poetry and he has been keeping up till today.

In 1971 he exhibited at the Galleria Frà Giocondo in Verona.In 1972 he published “Peso de cel” (Weight of Sky) , a dialectal poetry volume which was included in the same year in the Venetian Dialectal Poetry Anthology in Padua. In the same year another Art Exhibition occured with the title “The Young Veronese Sculpture” at the Literary Society Palace in Verona.

In 1985 he was awarded the first prize “B.Barbarani – Nomisma Auratum” at the Catullian Academy in Verona. In 1987 he exhibited in Verona at the Cultural Centre San Giorgeto with the Art Exhibition “Myth Profiles”  where he showed stones, paintings, sculptures and had a great success. In the same year he published a new poetry collection, “Canto par i silensi e i pestoni” (“I sing for silences and pains”).

In 1990 he exhibited at San Zeno Castle, in Montagnana, Padua, with the Art Exhibition “Talking to Light blue”. In 1993 he published “Adige, un fiume di memorie” (Adige, a river full of memories) rich in photographs about his stone collection and theory. In the same year he exhibited at San Zeno, Verona.

In 1995 he showed his works of art in

In 1998, invited by Musee de l’Art Brut of Losanna, he gave it some works of art and in the same year pictures of his sculptures were projected at the Cultural Centre “La Tinaia” in Florence.

In 2002 Marc G. Ferrari realized a mini digital video on Lineri and his art called “Qui si può passare” (You can pass here) for Ferrari Studios, Chicago, USA while Franco Piola shooted a motion picture called “Lineri- a river full of memories”.

Luigi Lineri - a beautiful journey among the stones of the river Adige between history and myth - www.luigilineri.it - 2006